About Us

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the skill of the century. It has had an impeccable impact on human civilization. The artificial intelligence and in general the intelligent systems have altered how we work, how we communicate, how we teach and learn, how we entertain, and so forth. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has become a vital tool for supplementing the human knowledge, which is an indispensable part of creation, discovery, and innovation.

Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) program is approved by AICTE-DTE and University of Mumbai from the academic year 2020-2021. We started our exciting journey in the year of 2020, with a sanctioned student strength of 60 with innovative learning solutions imparting knowledge of advanced innovations such as machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc. This specialization is designed to enable students to build intelligent systems, software, or applications with a cutting-edge combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and visualization technologies. The first and foremost goal of the program is to impart technical competence to students, encourage their problem-solving abilities and innovation of novel technologies, acquaint with innovative developments. Keeping in view the constantly changing business, economic and industrial environments around the world this course has been designed and customized to cater the services around the globe. Our department continues active study groups for carrying out collaborative and interdisciplinary studies. It is pleasure to find that our students look forward to contributing to solving the real life challenges of society with active involvement, persistence, and hard work. Proficiency & awareness pertinent to real-world problems is pollinated to create self-motivated, socially awaken, and profound human beings.

This course is for individuals who…
This programme is for passionate youngsters who are willing to acquire the ability to design smart solutions to problems in a diversity of domains and business applications and arenas such as natural language processing, text mining, robotics, reasoning and problem-solving

Learners who are looking for…
a profession with incomparable prospective fields and challenging roles in a futuristic business. The financial safety, the liberty to relocate, lifelong prospects of learning makes this programme an perfect career for computer science enthusiasts.

Career Opportunities

B. Tech. CSE – AIML prepares students for the below job roles.

• Data Analyst
• ML/AI Engineer
• Machine Learning Architect
• Data Scientist
• Data Engineer
• Business Intelligence Engineer
• Research Scientist
• Software Engineer/ Developer