Our vision & our mission

our vision

Vision of the department is to nurture and foster the young minds to be a leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning through experiential learning as well as to catalyse in co-creating solutions and contributing with social responsibility.

our mission

  • To prepare students as Leaders of Tomorrow with competent, innovative mind-set and socially responsible.
  • To create a holistic environment with state of the art infrastructure for imparting and enriching the domain knowledge.
  • To enrich innovation in evolving areas by collaborating with industries and global entities in academics at the national and international levels.
  • To be recognized as globally known Centre of Excellence in emerging areas in Artificial Intelligence and Computing.

Short Term Goals

  1. To enrich the all-round development by 20% by means of innovative pedagogy, delivery mechanisms and teaching learning practices.
  2. To endorse and foster enrichment programs to all the stakeholders 
  3. To involve and encourage the local community to initiate mutually beneficial techno-social initiatives.
  4. To promote and initiate industry sponsored projects and collaborative research by enriching industry institute collaborations.
  5. To prepare students for immediate employment and for life-long learning in advanced areas of computer science and related fields.

Long Term Goals

  1. To be a globally known Centre of Excellence in the field of AIML with innovative approach in teaching learning methodologies and state of the art laboratories with sophisticated equipment and cutting edge tools.
  2. To create resilient association with national and international entities to reinforce academic, curricular, co-curricular, innovation and research activities.
  3. To launch the department as an acclaimed hub for training, consultancy, research and innovation centre in the field of AIML and Computer Engineering.
  4. To initiate the Post-Graduate/Ph.D./Post-Doctoral programs in the field of emerging areas in AI.